AL delta mini table

AL Delta Mini Table

Lightweight aluminum table for Outdoor

◆Static load : 5 kg
◆Storage size: 225㎜ atypical hexagonal × 21㎜ top plate diagonal
◆Assembly size: 245㎜ × 140㎜ leg diagonal
◆Weight: 180g
◆Material: Anodized aluminum (T=1) ,Aluminum rivet ,
Stainless washer


Burner Gotoku H-80

This trivet for alcohol burner

Alcohol burner body diameter (bottom) up to 70㎜
It is effective (part of the collar) outside diameter up to 75 ㎜.
Weight: 57g Material: stainless steel (T=0.5㎜)

pop-up hexa

Pop-up Hexa Stove

This trivet for alcohol burner

◆Static Size:  H=10㎜, D=75㎜ hexagonal diagonal
◆Assembly Size: H=40 ㎜  D=75 m㎜diagonal
◆Central hole diameter: 55φ
◆Weight:  20g
◆Material: Stainless steel (sus430) ,Stainless steel rivets
(9g lid of stainless steel)



Folding lantern stand

◆Storing Size: 620㎜ × 17㎜ × 20㎜
◆Assembly Size: 1120㎜ × 17㎜ × 20㎜
◆Weight:  700g
◆Material: Body(T=1.2), Private peg(T=1.5) ,Stainless steel (SUS430) , Stainless steel rivets

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