High Quality

We process metal materials precisely.

Sho's Works has a latest precision machine of 3 units in their factory. These machines process material in 1/100 accuracy, and a craftsman checks the parts severely.
Sho's Works is not only a high-precision processing technology, also is particular about choice of the metal material.
We keep to mind the making of product suitable for a metal kind.


The final finish by artisan.

Product of Sho's Works is very beautiful, it is like a craft.
So many people who get the product said, “I hesitate to put the fire actually for it.”
Sho's Works is maternal metal processing company that has continued for more than 50 years, expert craftsmen for it has continued to keep its processing technology.
Craftsmen finish a parts made with a processing machine carefully and a splendid work is made.

Field test

Prototype field test at 1000m altitude

Sho's Works holds own's forest on the plateau of 1,000m above sea level and repeats development and a field test.
Only those that pass the test in this area will be the product of sho's.

Latest news

We will let you know the listing in the media.

Exhibit at 「Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2014」 as 『sho’s -Spirit of Fire-』


Saitama city Foundation for Bussiness Creation

Good quality and an original technique were accepted, and the product of Sho's Works was commended by the Japanese government. In addition, we exhibited for an exhibition in Paris last year and the exhibition of Salt lake in 2012 , and we have received a lot of reaction now.