If you use the sho's product, you will be a captive of the product immediately.

Sho Takaku designer, talked about the beginning of Sho's Works.

He grew up while looking at the state his parents work hard every day at small factory in Japan, and he thought that he did not want to become an inheritor of the factory, he would like to do more comfortable work in the future.
However, sho loves making a thing. After a study of the design, he worked together with his parents all too soon, and went to the camp of the hobby on every holiday to enjoy the open-air fire.
At this time, Sho made ​​a fire stand for himself in order to enjoy more the fire. It's the beginning of Sho's Works.

Do you know? 
Our products will have been designed based on four concepts.

Sho Takaku designer is also a camper. Many of his outdoor experiences are useful for product development, first he made a small fire stand for himself, as a result his product has the approval from lots of outdoor enthusiasts.

It's because that his product is made based on four concepts.
Concept of sho's product
・Lightweight and compact
   Folding performance of the products adopts the sheet metal processing technology in Japan.
・Low impact 
  In consideration for natural environments, we install the ashpan to product.
・High Power
  We fix the balance of the intake and chimney, and raised the combustion efficiency.
  Our products do not use the butterfly-hinge and welding, it is hard to be broken.